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That’s an explanation. There is a lot of fun to be had in wrestling and a good bit of that comes from seeing your favorite wrestlers getting the chance to appear on television. With so many wrestlers to pick from, it can be a lot of fun to see them show up from week to week. At the same time, it can be annoying when they miss time. That is the case with several WWE wrestlers but now we know a bit more about what is going on.

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According to Wrestling Observer Radio, several former NXT UK talents are still in Europe as they deal with their visa issues. This includes (but is not limited to) names such as Tyler Bate, Doudrop, Gallus and Blair Davenport. There is no word on when they will be allowed to return to the United States. All have appeared on WWE television in one way or another, with Gallus being written off with a storyline suspension.

There is a lot of talent here. Check out the missing wrestlers in action:

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Opinion: This clears up a lot as those wrestlers just vanished one day and there was little explanation of where they went. Dealing with visa issues is something that they are going to have to do at some point and unfortunately it can take a lot of time. Now it seems that we are waiting to see whenever they get back, which should at least give us a nice string of returns when they get to return.

What do you think of the missing stars? What is next for them when they get back? Let us know in the comments below.

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