NXT‘s up and coming diva Nhooph Al-Areebi, who is from Toronto Canada, might be next in line to get the wrath of social media scrutiny after Zahra Schreiber was released last week due to offensive comments made years ago.
A range of offensive tweets towards black community posted on her Twitter account years ago surfaced on Reddit tuesday night.
In a tweet dated Feb 11, 2012, the then 17 years old wrote “Ugh…fucking n**gers…that’s why I chose white folk. Hmph”. She further continued that day tweeting “why are black people so horny” in a response to a twitter user who tweet this: “mind if I lick between your Toes to get the salt glue off baby mmmmmmmm jam.”
There’s also a tweet dated Sep 22, 2011 where she wrote “nigga lips” to a user. Also last year she posted on her Instagram a photograph of herself and a black wrestler where she referred to him as her slave. “My slave Preston Myles needs stop acting like I weigh 200 lbs!”. “Someone buy me a whip plz!”
After the news gained steam, Al Areebi deactivated her Twitter account as well as removed the Instagram photo.
However, screenshots of the tweets has been captured by some users before she deleted everything:

racistnxt2 racistnxt3 racistnxt

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