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Maybe later? Wrestling has a long history of athletes from other sports coming in and trying their hands at something else. It has been hit and miss throughout history, with certain sports doing it better than others. Mixed martial arts has some of the better success, but now one of the more prominent fighters turned wrestlers seems to have have dropped wrestling, at least for the time being.

Former UFC fighter Paige VanZant has appeared multiple times for AEW over the years, including wrestling a match at Double Or Nothing 2022. However, during an interview with K & S Wrestlefest, VanZant’s trainer Gangrel said that VanZant has stopped communicating with her. Gangrel says that VanZant wrote him and asked for some critiquing of her match but the stopped contacting him. He also said that while she was talented, she did not train as often as he would have liked. There is no word on if VanZant is training elsewhere or has stopped training for the time being. She has not appeared on AEW TV in several months.

Opinion: This is something that needs some more details but for now, it doesn’t exactly sound great. VanZant has done well in her time in wresting but you need to put in the effort to make something like wrestling work. I’m not sure if she is going to get back in the ring or not, though this doesn’t make it seem likely for the time being. Hopefully she does because she’s rather good at it, but for now, something is probably going to have to change.

What do you think of VanZant’s time in wrestling? Will she wrestle again? Let us know in the comments below.

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