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That could have gotten bad. There are a lot of issues that take place during a wrestling show but one of the most impressive things a company can do is keep the fans from knowing about them. Sometimes you can notice a problem here or there though and that was the case last week, to the point where a promotion’s officials had to make sure that everything was ok.

Last week on AEW Dark, Athena defeated Jody Threat in a match that saw both of them get more aggressive than usual. According to Fightful Select, AEW officials spoke to both of the women backstage to make sure everything was ok after the match. Sources close to Athena believe that she switched into a heel role during the match because of the positive reaction that Threat received during the match. Threat was said to have no complaints as she tries to avoid the political side of wrestling. Neither woman was said to be upset about anything that happened and there was no confrontation backstage.

Opinion: The good thing here is that neither of them women were hurt in the match and nothing seemed to have gone overly bad as a result. I’m not sure what happened in the match, but hopefully it is something that came and went. Thankfully they were fine after everything that happened and AEW didn’t have another headache on their hands, as that has been the case far too often as of late.

What did you think of the match? How should it have been handled? Let us know in the comments below.

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