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Date: December 23, 2020
Location: Daily’s Place, Jacksonville, Florida
Commentators: Jim Ross, Tony Schiavone, Excalibur

It’s the vacation season and for as soon as this display isn’t going face to face with NXT due to an NBA recreation. I’m now not positive what to anticipate from this week’s display however the Young Bucks are protecting the Tag Team Titles. Other than that it’s time to construct in opposition to the following two weeks of New Year’s Smash. Let’s get to it.

Opening series.

Chris Jericho/Maxwell Jacob Friedman vs. Top Flight

Jericho and Darius business pictures to the face first of all Jericho getting the easier of items with out a lot effort. Darius will get in a shot of his personal despite the fact that and it’s Dante coming in for a double kick to the chest. It’s off to Friedman, who will get dropkicked to the ground, which means it’s a double slugout to position the Inner Circle in hassle.

Friedman is knocked outdoor once more however Jericho clotheslines Dante right down to take over. Back in and Jericho knees Dante within the ribs and hits a abdominal to again suplex. There’s the double flapjack to Dante and a handy guide a rough distraction shall we MJF choke away. A catapult sends Dante throat first into the ground rope and Jericho throws his ft at the ropes for 2 like a villain will have to. Jericho’s superplex try is damaged up despite the fact that and Dante hits a top crossbody for 2.

The scorching tag brings in Darius for a status Spanish Fly on MJF and a suicide dive hits Jericho. Back in and a springboard missile dropkick will get two on MJF, adopted by means of a DDT for a similar. Jericho is again up with a spinebuster into the Lionsault for 2 however the Walls is countered right into a rollup for a similar. Darius grabs a sundown turn on Jericho and sends Dante flying excessive onto MJF with a dive for a close to fall on the similar time. Jericho drops Dante onto the apron and it’s the Heatseeker to provide MJF the pin at 11:40.

Result: Chris Jericho/Maxwell Jacob Friedman b. Top Flight – Heatseeker to Dante (11:40)

Post fit Jake Hager will get within the ring and says the group has been doing nice in fresh weeks, save for Wardlow this is. Wardlow has been long past coping with his personal stuff as an alternative of being worried about Inner Circle trade. It’s evident that Wardlow is an asset however he’s additionally an a******, so subsequent week it’s Hager vs. Wardlow. MJF tries to speak Hager out of it and Jericho is pissed off.

We get a tune video from the Acclaimed speaking in regards to the Young Bucks, who suck as much as Dave (simply Dave) for superstar rankings and give up Twitter as a result of they were given disappointed.

Here’s what else is coming at the display.

Tony Schiavone brings out Sting for a talk within the ring. Sting is aware of that he has come complete circle by means of coming again to TNT and he’s happy to peer that the jungle continues to be intact. Tony asks about Sting taking a look at Darby Allin however Sting says that’s roughly an advanced query to respond to. Instead, Sting talks about gazing the fits in the course of the curtain with Dusty Rhodes, who determined to position some shiny colours on his face and tights. Then Sting was once going to stand Ric Flair and get funky like a monkey.

Now Sting sees Cody Rhodes within the ring and it’s arduous to fathom. He is going again to Darby however right here’s Team Taz to break. Taz says that the speech would deliver a tear to a pitcher eye and Ricky Starks says that is the jungle. Team Taz involves the hoop so Sting grabs the bat, simplest to have Allin and the skateboard morph in subsequent to him. That’s positive with Taz, who says they’ll wait till January 6 when Brian Cage can win the TNT Title.

MJF comes as much as Santana and Ortiz and brings up Santana shedding his stepfather lately. MJF is aware of what it’s like as a result of he simply misplaced his grandfather to most cancers and it was once the toughest factor he’s performed. He’s right here for Santana despite the fact that, and Santana turns out to simply accept the pleasant gesture. They shake palms and Ortiz turns out to shop for it additionally, with MJF now not even announcing anything else as they depart.

Dark Order/Colt Cabana vs. Jurassic Express

It’s 5/10 for the Order. Jungle Boy rolls up Five to start out as Excalibur explains the numbers to JR. Cabana and Luchasaurus are available in with Cabana being kicked out to the ground in a rush. That way it’s time for 10, with Luchasaurus slamming Stung down onto him a couple of occasions. Boy comes again in and will get stuck in a German suplex for 2.

We take a damage and are available again with Luchasaurus getting to return in and blank area, together with the status moonsault to five. Marko dives in off of Luchasaurus’ shoulders to take Cabana down however Five runs him over. The frog splash will get two on Stunt as the whole lot breaks down. Luchasaurus throws Stung excessive onto Cabana and 10, leaving Five to be flipped right into a sitout powerbomb from Boy for the pin at 10:35.

Result: Jurassic Express b. Dark Order/Colt Cabana – Sitout powerbomb to five (10:35)

Post fit Marko talks about how just right it’s to be again however Tully Blanchard and FTR lower them off, with Tully announcing it’s time to let the skilled execs communicate. The groups meet on January 6 and that is private as a result of FTR desires the titles again. Stunt higher watch out too, as a result of Tully may have a flashback to the 80s. Stunt to be held again, which makes me dread the speculation of Stunt getting anything else over on Tully.

Kenny Omega and Don Callis are arriving on the lodge, the place Callis isn’t pleased with Pac making Omega vs. Rey Fenix. When did wrestlers get to make fits round right here? Omega is able to spoil Fenix in a couple of weeks and as soon as he’s performed, Konnan can take him again to AAA. Fenix is the type of man who will get harm, whilst Omega will get titles.

Butcher vs. Pac

Eddie Kingston is on statement and Tony has to shush him for speaking whilst seeking to advertise a fit. Pac slugs away to start out and will get despatched outdoor, which doesn’t motive him a lot hassle. Back in and Pac kicks away at Butcher as Eddie and Tony proceed to bicker.

Butcher is true again with some arduous pictures of his personal despite the fact that, whilst Kingston tells Tony to prevent placing himself over. Pac will get beaten within the nook a couple of occasions as Eddie isn’t pleased with the referee. They head outdoor with Pac entering into a couple of pictures and reversing a whip into the barricade. Butcher kicks him within the face and Eddie calls for that statement “put that over”.

We take a damage and are available again with Pac kicking away however the Blade’s distraction breaks up the Red Arrow. A large clothesline drops Pac once more and a working format powerbomb will get two on Pac. Butcher is going to do one thing and Eddie shouts to PICK HIM UP for a just right whilst, simplest to have Lance Archer pop out to move after Kingston. The distraction shall we Pac hit a kick to the top and the Black Arrow is just right for the pin at 11:53.

Result: Pac b. Butcher – Black Arrow (11:53)

Eddie isn’t glad, however does display recognize to JR. Kingston: “Schiavone, up yours.”

Jade Cargill reveals it fascinating that Brandi were given pregnant once she confirmed up. Shaq desires Cody Rhodes and AEW higher in finding her a greater opponent, as a result of she’s uninterested in this s***.

Miro desires Tony Schiavone to get fired up however Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford wish to announce their marriage ceremony date. They load up the video announcement however listed here are the Best Friends and Orange Cassidy to break. Well a minimum of their video, as we see Trent being loaded into an ambulance closing week to eliminate him. Anyway, the marriage goes to be at the seaside on February Three and it’ll be the defining second of this corporate’s historical past. JR: “This is a train wreck.”

Dustin Rhodes vs. Evil Uno

Lee Johnson and Stu Grayson are right here too as Uno jumps Dustin to start out. They battle at the flooring with Uno hammering away, simplest to cut the submit by means of mistake. Uno knocks him down once more despite the fact that and it’s a Swanton for 2 as statement tells us about how nice Dustin is. We take a damage and are available again with Dustin hitting the Flip Flop and Fly, simplest to fee right into a boot. Not that it issues as Dustin is true again with the bulldog for the pin at 8:28.

Result: Dustin Rhodes b. Evil Uno – Bulldog (8:28)

Post fit Uno provides every other likelihood for Dustin to sign up for however Dustin kicks him away. Grayson is available in with the Knightfall so right here’s QT Marshall for the save. Marshall will get taken down as smartly so Johnson hits a springboard dropkick to take the Order down.

Shawn Spears sits down with Schiavone and talks about how how it doesn’t matter what corporate he’s in, the glass ceiling continues to be there. It’s a control drawback, and he actually doesn’t like Tony suggesting that Spears himself is the issue.

Hikaru Shida’s interview about being attacked by means of Abadon is interrupted when she is attacked by means of Abadon.

Hikaru Shida vs. Alex Gracia

Non-title. Shida begins speedy with a Falcon Arrow try however Alex is having none of it. After a handy guide a rough go back and forth tot he flooring, Gracia will get two off a small package deal and nails a working boot within the nook for a similar. Shida is pissed off at being hit within the face, putting in place a not on time vertical suplex. The working kick to the face connects however grasp on as right here’s Abadon for a distraction. Shida beats her up in a rush and heads again inside of to counter Gracia’s headscissors right into a backbreaker. The Falcon Arrow finishes Gracia at 3:32.

Result: Hikaru Shida b. Alex Gracia – Falcon Arrow (3:32)

Post fit the brawl is on once more with Abadon biting Shida’s neck to attract blood.

Here’s what’s coming over the following couple of weeks, together with the go back of Jon Moxley subsequent week.

Tag Team Titles: Acclaimed vs. Young Bucks

The Bucks are protecting and Max Castor raps his option to the hoop once more, this time about their successful streak. Matt works on Castor’s arm to start out and shrugs off the comeback try. A dropkick into an armdrag has Castor in hassle and Nick is available in to stick on stated arm. It’s off to Bowens however the Bucks despatched them each to the ground to ship Bowens into the barricade.

Nick spears Castor down and it’s time to go again inside of. Matt will get taken down this time despite the fact that and Castor will get in a couple of presentations, simplest to have Nick get the semi scorching tag with out a lot effort. House is wiped clean till Nick’s Swanton hits Bowens’ raised knees. We take a damage and are available again with the Bucks beginning to hearth off the kicks, together with Nick hitting Castor with a kick from the apron.

Back in and Matt hits Locomotion into the Sharpshooter on Bowens. Castor moves away however can’t damage it up, permitting Nick to tug Castor outdoor for a Sharpshooter at the flooring. Both are damaged up and it’s Nick being shoved off the highest. A suplex/top crossbody will get two on Nick with Matt making the save. An errant superkick takes the referee out and the increase field to the top will get two from every other referee. Matt powerbombs Bowens via a desk at ringside and the BTE Trigger finishes Castor at 13:47.

Result: Young Bucks b. Acclaimed – BTE Trigger to Castor (13:47)

Chris Jericho/Maxwell Jacob Friedman b. Top Flight – Heatseeker to Dante
Jurassic Express b. Dark Order/Colt Cabana – Sitout powerbomb to five
Pac b. Butcher – Black Arrow
Dustin Rhodes b. Evil Uno – Bulldog
Hikaru Shida b. Alex Gracia – Falcon Arrow
Young Bucks b. Acclaimed – BTE Trigger to Castor

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