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That is serious. While wrestling storylines are pre-determined, the action that you see between the bells is very real. It takes special athleticism and incredible talent to make everything work safely, but there will always be physical issues brought on as a result. This can lead to some serious issues for wrestlers and that is the case again with one of the biggest names of all time.

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Last week’s edition of Monday Night Raw was the Raw XXX special, celebrating thirty years of the show. The show featured a variety of legends from throughout the last thirty years, meaning several legends were present for the show. During a recent edition of the Kurt Angle Show, Kurt Angle mentioned speaking to Hulk Hogan at the event. Angle revealed that Hogan has undergone another back surgery, which involved nerves being cut from the lower half of his body. As a result, Hogan has no feeling in his legs but is still able to walk using a cane. There is no word on if Hogan is planning to have any further surgeries.

They have had some better days. Check out Hogan’s time in the spotlight:

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Opinion: This is the kind of thing that is sad to hear but also not the most surprising. Hogan has been dealing with back issues for years and now things have gone even further than before. I’m not sure what can be done to make any of this better, but at least Hogan can still walk, even with quite the extra issues. Hopefully there is something that can make it better, though that might be a bit of wishful thinking.

What do you think of Hogan’s career? What was his best moment? Let us know in the comments below.

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