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Is that an honor? A wrestling locker room is often as something like a family, as there are always going to be a lot of different people but for the most part, they tend to get along at least at a civil level. That is not always the case with everyone though, as there is always going to be someone who causes problems, including a certain wrestling legend during his main time with WWE.

During a new appearance on Wrestling Shoot Interviews, former WWE Intercontinental Champion Sean Morely, better known as Val Venis, named John Bradshaw Layfield (JBL) as the biggest backstage bully during his time with the company. Morely said that he considered JBL “a walking home entertainment center” and did not know how JBL was not fired for some of the things that he said. In addition, Morely revealed that he would follow JBL around the arena, just to hear what he would say next. Morely wrestled for WWE from 1998-2009.

Opinion: This might not be the biggest surprise as JBL certainly has a reputation for being among the biggest bullies in WWE. Morely is certainly not the first person to accuse JBL of such antics but he also does not go into the extent of how far JBL went with things. While JBL could be funny to hear from time to time, there are so many stories of him going too far that it doesn’t work out so well.

What do you think of Morely’s comments? What is the worst backstage WWE story you have ever heard? Let us know in the comments below.

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